8 Recommended Car Rental Apps for Tourists in Indonesia

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  • Okt 03, 2023
Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia - Etalastok.com

Car rental for vacation activities is now very popular among tourists, especially those from abroad. You definitely need a vehicle for a smooth trip. Here are car rental recommendations for tourists in Indonesia.

Renting a car is the best choice when vacationing far from home. Besides being more practical, you also don’t need to incur additional costs by bringing your own car to Indonesia. Here are some online car rental recommendations to make your trip more memorable.

This is a recommended list of car rental services in Indonesia that you can try.


Trevo is like your buddy for all things travel. This cool app makes planning your holiday a breeze, offering features like automated trip plans, booking, real-life user reviews, and spot-on GPS navigation.

Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia - Etalastok.com

It hooks you up with activities and accommodation recommendations tailored just for you, and even gets you there with the most efficient routes.

Trevo is your go-to travel solution for a chill and enjoyable holiday experience. Seriously, anyone looking for a smoother travel experience should totally give this app a spin!

Sambodo Rent Car

First, there is Sambodo Rent Car service that is ready to provide the best car performance according to the rental period. This rental place is located in Kalibata, Pancoran, South Jakarta. There are various cars that can be rented according to your needs. The prices are quite varied.

Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia

For example, Toyota Hiace starts from Rp 1.5 million. There is also a Pajero car priced at Rp 1.2 million. You can contact them online through their official website.

Movic App

Movic is an android-based car rental application that can be accessed anytime. There are many car rental options that you can choose according to your vacation location. They also provide insurance packages for renter’s safety.

Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia

It has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use. Make sure your operating system is version 4.4 or above. This application, developed by PT Astra Digital Internasional, is widely chosen because of its convenience.

RentalCars.com App

Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia - Etalastok.com

If you need a keyless car rental application for an easy and enjoyable vacation, you can directly install the RentalCars.com app. This platform is compatible with Android 5.0 or above. It provides various types of cars for travel purposes.


Next, there is the Nemob app, which is a recommended keyless car rental for tourists in Bali. With this app, renters can travel freely without a driver. Some people prefer to vacation only with people they know.

Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia

In addition, keyless car rental offers more privacy. Choose your favorite type of vehicle. There are many duration options, just adjust it to your budget.

Jennete Rent

If you need a rental car for your vacation agenda in Indonesia, the next car rental recommendation for tourists is Jennete Rent. Their main office is in Central Jakarta. This service offers various types of cars that can be booked online.

Jennete rent - Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia

Available cars include Hyundai Creta, Honda New BR-V, Toyota Velos, and others. You can visit their official website, where you will find contact phone numbers and email addresses.

Maxim App

For tourists who need car rental in Bali, you can directly access the Maxim app. This platform is available on the Playstore with a yellow background. You can be more flexible and don’t need to bother bringing your own vehicle. Renters can choose the rental period according to their needs.

Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia

The prices are relatively cheap, starting from Rp 50,000 per hour. After the transaction process is completed, and the car is used, the tariff will be calculated per minute around Rp 833. Renters just need to adjust it to the terrain and the number of passengers.

You can get an additional bonus discount if you use this code CF37D110


Car rental apps are often sought by tourists to facilitate their exploration of beautiful places more freely. Klook is a car rental app with a maximum distance limit of 600 km. Check the big discount promo now on the Klook official website now

Klook - Car Rental Recommendations for Tourists in Indonesia

The cars are available in various models with certain capacities. Renters also have the option not to provide a deposit to the app. So, it’s easier, right?


These are car rental recommendations for tourists in Indonesia, both applications and offline rental places. From the list above, all of them provide good service. But what I recommend the most is the Trevo application, why? apart from service and security, because there are lots of promotions for discounted prices

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