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Platforms like these, including Red Hat’s OpenShift, make container use viable for enterprise applications. We’re the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions—including Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes. We deliver hardened solutions that make it easier for enterprises to work across platforms and environments, from the core datacenter to the network edge.

In any rapidly emerging market, consultants can be a great source for vendor-neutral insights, as they typically work with multiple technologies to help their customers make informed decisions. Moving to a new cloud-native development and deployment paradigm based on OpenShift is certainly not without its risks. XTIVIA has years of experience migrating and building large-scale applications and frameworks using container orchestration technologies. Let our team help you with planning out your migration or green-field development effort, and stride confidently into the new era of the cloud native enterprise. At the same time, OpenShift allows your operations staff to retain control over the environment as a whole. By streamlining and automating the container automation process, OpenShift enables cybersecurity developers to focus on accelerating application development, updates, and product distribution.

The platform is optimized for web applications and supports a number of open source frameworks. IVolve’s expertise allows us to provide you with a range of services that will ensure your application is developed to the highest standards and will be able to withstand any future security breaches or traffic surges. We have the necessary innovation in the solutions, which empowers you to find a competitive advantage with faster IT operations.

Accelerate your OpenShift Adoption

Join speakers from the Red Hat Social Innovation Program and FIWARE as they discuss the journey to build an integrated, open source solution to improve livability and environmental sustainability for smart cities. Our team of experts will help you manage OpenShift clusters with operators, storage, templates, and logging. As a Red Hat Premier Partner with profound know-how, ConSol offers application and infrastructure operation in OpenShift – highly available and fully comprehensive – as well as expert-support. Supported by us, you will be able to migrate and deploy your first application on your own.

  • Red Hat OpenShift is the container application platform trusted by industry innovators around the world.
  • To ensure long-term success, we provide training and knowledge transfer that enable your team to use and manage the platform.
  • In an industry where a chipmaker’s main products can become outdated – if not obsolete – within a year or less, the ability to innovate and bring a product to market rapidly is a significant competitive advantage.
  • In simple words, OpenShift is a platform to bring powerful innovation to organizations.
  • Simply choose from our service range of single and consecutive modules.
  • We deliver hardened solutions that make it easier for enterprises to work across platforms and environments, from the core datacenter to the network edge.

An open hybrid cloud approach gives you the flexibility to run your applications anywhere you need them. Whether you’re building new applications or modernizing existing ones, OpenShift supports the most demanding workloads including AI/ML, edge, and more. Automate deployment and life-cycle management with our vast ecosystem of technology partners. Assembling the proper tools to create applications on your system architecture can be a challenge, especially at the enterprise level. OpenShift makes the process easy by allowing for the integration of the tools you use most across your entire operating environment.


The consulting service also provides solutions to all the troubleshooting issues that developers deal with. Red Hat® OpenShift® is a unified platform to build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale. Work smarter and faster with a complete set of services for bringing apps to market on your choice of infrastructure. Examples of how this feature benefits users can be seen in companies where the development staff must be fluent in a variety of development tools and languages. For instance, a video game development company can benefit from this feature when they need to develop games that are compatible with a variety of operating systems.

openshift consulting

Rapid scalability involving hundreds of instances across thousands of nodes – along with automated application builds and container health management – is also supported. OpenShift allows you to address the above issues by using an open source architecture that enables you to run applications across physical, virtual, public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Any applications originating on OpenShift can run on any environment supporting Docker-formatted containers. Containers are highly efficient vehicles for developing and deploying apps.

Successful OpenShift implementations need integration and enablement services. Deploying and managing containers at scale is a complicated process. OpenShift enables efficient container orchestration, allowing rapid container provisioning, deploying, scaling, and management. The tool enhances the DevOps process by streamlining and automating the container management process. Cutting down on time that would otherwise be spent managing containers improves your company’s productivity and speeds up application development.


As container usage ramps up, the complexity of managing containers across the totality of your IT infrastructure rises exponentially – making a container management platform essential at the enterprise level. In this article we’ll look at five benefits of Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform. Red Hat OpenShift is the container application platform trusted by industry innovators around the world. It is built to handle a hybrid world of technologies and apps, delivering speed, automation, and consistency at any scale across any infrastructure. Our OpenShift Consulting Services can help you evaluate, deploy, and integrate OpenShift into your environment. Our OpenShift consulting services can help you get in touch with experts to share their knowledge on OpenShift – ideal for the teams aiming to develop applications in the OpenShift platform.

openshift consulting

Enterprise uses a subscription model and includes more advanced management tools, as well as access to the source code of OpenShift. This is to confirm that EXA Technologies has been a customer of iVolve Managed SOC Services since 2019. We have found iVolve team to be very competitive and has been helping us optimize our security posture.

About Red Hat

In simple words, OpenShift is a platform to bring powerful innovation to organizations. It is an open-source platform for developing cloud-based services. OpenShift is a development platform where developers build and deploy their applications in a cloud infrastructure. This platform is particularly designed to integrate technologies using Kubernetes and Dockers. Using the OpenShift platform, companies can have complete control in their Kubernetes setting. The platform features a robust set of command-line functionality tools as well as a multidevice web console, facilitating container orchestration across the entirety of your environment.

For your security, if you’re on a public computer and have finished using your Red Hat services, please be sure to log out. Your Red Hat account gives you access to your member profile, preferences, and other services depending on your customer status. Our on-demand consulting is designed for organizations that want to make a bigger impact with their OpenShift implementation—better integration, more internal use, and increased efficiency. A next-gen tech solution provider with a focus on DevOps, Cloud, and Digital Transformation. ConSol is one of the few Red Hat premier partners in Germany – thanks to highly qualified and certified employees and expert know-how in the entire Red Hat portfolio.

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They can do this by adding web sales functionality to their own sites via widgets designed for this purpose, or by purchasing sites with built-in sales functionality. Accelerated application development is especially valuable in enterprises where a company’s IT system must accommodate rapidly evolving functions. Companies in this industry face an arms race against hackers, who are continually looking for software flaws to exploit. When an exploit is found, cybersecurity firms are expected to respond with fixes as rapidly as possible – often in days, if not hours. To provide highest standard in cloud managed services packaged in most secure manner.

Rancher vs. OpenShift – A Consultant’s View

Employers created a central application environment and automated policy processes, resulting in a 40% increase in 3-year sales and a better customer experience. Accelerate AI/ML workflows and the delivery of AI-powered intelligent applications with self-managed Red Hat OpenShift, or our AI/ML cloud service. Streamline workflows to get to production faster, including built-in Jenkins pipelines and our source-to-image technology to go straight from application code to container.

Our customers create meaningful change with open source technologies

With a unified approach to app development, you ensure that developers, IT Ops, and business leaders work from a consistent, collaborative development lifecycle. Your organization must eliminate any delays in the development of products and services. The drive to use modernized applications built to address the needs of the business and increase differentiation.

OpenShift is a cloud development Platform as a Service developed by Red Hat. It is an open-source development platform that enables developers to build and deploy their applications on cloud infrastructure. In addition, it is very helpful in developing cloud-enabled services. A major portion of the added efficiency of containerization at the enterprise level, perhaps as much as 50 percent, comes from orchestrating container usage throughout your environment.

The Fortune Global 500 are embracing Red Hat OpenShift

By enabling developer and operations staff to collaborate efficiently, OpenShift allows web hosting and design companies to link developers and operations staff together to effectively design, test, and deploy applications. Move with confidence to a new OpenShift-based architecture that provides autoscaling, automated failover and recovery, and availability and transparency for your business services across the enterprise. A company’s IT needs can vary greatly from one period to the next. Selecting a proprietary container management platform subjects you to the possibility that your vendor won’t be able to provide an acceptable solution if your company’s IT focus changes. In such cases, the expense and time involved in moving from a proprietary vendor to a new platform can be considerable.

Configure platform operations comprising of backup, security, performance metrics, and logging. Improves business and efficiency results satisfying the customers’ and users’ needs. XTIVIA creates smart Information Technology solutions for companies in every industry. We’ve been hard at work, designing thousands of unique solutions, for over a quarter century.

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